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08 July 2010

Recording from President Obama

I, your Dear Leader, Barack Hussein Obama (second grade WH chorus: Hmmmm Hmmm Hmmm) Welcomes you to the DNC Red Phone. Pease listen to instructions as the democracy you once lived in has now shifted to the far left.
If you are a progressive push 1 as in you are a comrade in arms.
If you are a Jew calling to kvetch about my abandonment of Israel, call me back after you move home to Poland or Germany. If you're a Hollywood Hebe, make your donation check out to "Reelect Barack Obama 2012 or Obama's Anti-Impeachment Legal Defense Fund"—whichever comes first.
If you are with a nightstick/arms order, wait for me in the Justice Dept. Party room (recently renamed the "Farrakhan Room") and don't drink all the Dom Perignon before I get there.
If you are a senior citizen upset about HC Death Panels, Medicare cuts., higher taxes, Social Security or whatever else you pains in the — I mean sweet elderly folks have in your addled brains, write me a nice long letter. I promise to get back to you-or your survivors-in about twenty years..
If you are an oil executive, I will only respond AFTER the check has cashed.
If you are an Illegal Alien, I feel your pain and will shortly abide by your reasonable request to give you and your mentor, the president of Mexico's Calderon, all of the 8 Border States you are demanding---FREE! And as a bonus we'll throw in Louisiana and all its wonderful beaches, marshlands and fishing industry. If you don't take Governors Brewer and Jindal, however, the deal is off.
If you are applying to be in my "Civilian Militia" please contact the Black Panthers in the Justice Department's new "Farrakhan Party Room" after reading Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.
If you are a Democratic Candidate and wish for me to campaign for you please hit * and I will be happy to appear personally, since my schedule is clear 'cause--no one has called yet.
If you are an Islamic Terrorist, don't say anything! They must read you your Miranda Rights. REMAIN SILENT! If out on bail, meet me at the Justice Dept's Farrakhan Room.
If you are from a SEIU, I LOVE YOU TOO! XOXOXOXOX.
Have a nice hot summer. See ya at the polls. You know how to vote.
This call will be charged back to your current phone so as to help pay for all the glorious achievements of my administration and our future plans to bankrupt the country.

Your Dear Leader,

Barack Hussein Obama

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