Betty McCollum needs to be voted out!!!

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15 July 2010

Eric Cantor || Republican Whip || YouCut

Gee, a simple vote to save money, and Betty McCollum votes against it!!! Betty has never met a spending bill she didn't like; come to think of it, has she ever voted for a Republican sponsored bill? Betty McCollum needs to go; she is bad for our district. (go to link to see how all Reps voted)

Prohibit Stimulus Funding for Promotional Signage And Recoup Previously Spent Funds
Saves: Tens of millions
Across the country, signs have been erected to alert citizens that certain projects are being funded by last year’s stimulus bill. These signs, often along highways, provide no meaningful information, create no jobs, and have been criticized as taxpayer funded advertisements for the stimulus bill. Unfortunately, no accurate information exists on the total number of signs erected and their cost to taxpayers. Press reports from across the country indicate, however, that the costs could well be in the millions of dollars. This proposal would prohibit funding for any additional signs, would require agencies to report on the amount already spent on signs, and would recapture those funds for taxpayers by reducing the agencies' administrative expenses by an amount equal to that spent on signs.

Rep. Betty McCollum
Minnesota - 4

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