Betty McCollum needs to be voted out!!!

If any of this makes you mad, please leave a comment, and let Betty McCollum know how you feel!

16 July 2010 - Bio : Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minnesota) biography - Bio : Constituent Letters to Rep. Betty McCollum

Wow, here is a link on Congress's website that shows letters from constituents to Betty McCollum. From reading many of them, I am proven correct in that Betty McCollum is a "yes" girl for Barack Hussein and Nancy Pelosi. Most of the letters are negative, and against Obamacare, for which Betty voted for. With that said, some of these letters are written so poorly, you can see why Betty focuses on giving money for books and education. On the other hand, it is kind of scary; these illiterates that can't write a sentence may not be bright enough to see what a mess Betty has helped create!!!

To see letters, click on the letters tab on Betty's bio box.

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