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20 July 2010

Betty bumper lemmings are at it again! Sigh! « Miss La Presents

Stumbled across this blog tonight from Miss La. Haven't seen the bumper stickers yet, nor the yard signs, but when I do, I am sure my blood pressure will elevate. Betty's name irritates me, and her voice makes me cringe.

Betty bumper lemmings are at it again! Sigh! « Miss La Presents

MISS LA grows weary. This is the 6th election cycle that she has to put up with the obnoxious ‘Vote Betty!’ signs. The only thing more obnoxious about it is the guy who has the Betty bumper sticker on his Toyota in the parking garage next to Miss La’s automobile. (See Miss La’s post of April 12, 2010).

NOW, for those of you who don’t know Betty, she is the ultra-left U.S. Congresswoman in Miss La’s Minnesota district. She has already been in office for 5 terms and was elected shortly after Miss La moved to St. Paul.

BETTY’S top donors to her campaign committee are building trade unions, law firms (plaintiff, of course), transportation unions, industrial unions, health professionals (nurse unions and SEIU) and lobbyists.

PRO-ISRAEL groups gave her $4,800, but hopefully these folks are wise to the anti-Israel comments that Betty made in reference to the recent flotilla that broke through a blockade, claiming to transport ‘aid’. Miss La heard that this flotilla was supported by Bill Ayres, among others.

POOR BETTY. She has no mind of her own and is generally a Pelosi Parrot. Case in point: Pelosi was in St. Paul yesterday to attend an event at the historic St. Paul Union Depot. This depot is getting $35 million in stimulus funds and will be refurbished as a central corridor for the controversial light rail transportation project.

MISS LA saw no information regarding this event on Betty McCollum’s website. An article published yesterday in the Pioneer Press did not report the time of the event. Maybe Betty did not want the time known so conservatives would not show up to protest.

NANCY PELOSI would no more take mass transit than flyin’ to the moon. But, for us little fly-over people — well, we can ride our bikes downtown, catch the light rail at the depot to take our burned-out mercury lightbulbs to the haz mat dump.

WAKE MISS LA up November 3rd!


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