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23 August 2010

Unbelievable Behind the Scenes Video from Betty McCollum's Campaign Office!!!

Here we have it; this video explains why MNCD4 hasn't seen Betty McCollum, and why she isn't holding townhalls!  It might also explain why Betty hasn't yet agreed to debate Teresa Collett.  Again, the constituents of MNCD4 ask "Where is Betty"?

Then again, we know she will get harder questions from her constituents than she got from Esme Murphy on WCCO.  Is she hiding because she doesn't want to have to answer these questions?

  1. Where are the jobs?
  2. Why do you keep spending and adding to the National Debt?
  3. No more bailouts!
  4. You are on the budget committee, why didn't you pass a budget?
  5. If you don't have a budget, how do you control spending?
  6. Obamacare is a failure!
  7. Why won't you secure our borders?
  8. Why do you blame Bush?
  9. Why don't you want to extend Bush's tax cuts?
  10. Why do you believe Keynes is right when it was decided 30+ years ago that Keynes is a failed economic model?
It is well known that Betty isn't a mental giant, and that she struggles with questions in front of crowds, so she avoids situations she can't control, and where she may get questions that cause her to think beyond the stock Democrat answers (ie. jobs saved or created, it is all Bush's fault etc...)  It is no wonder that she has only debated 2 times in her 10 years in Congress.

Here you go, the behind the scenes video from Betty's campaign office...

Betty McCollum Screwed St. Paul and America

Yep, she did. Well, not totally by herself, but she did by supporting every piece of legislation Barack Hussein Obama and Nancy Pelosi wanted.  The Democrat's controlled Congress the last 2 years of Bush, so for the last 4 years they have controlled the purse strings.

Let's forget about the last 4 years; let's just focus on the last 18 months that Barry Hussein has been in office.  Since then Betty has supported Obamacare, the auto bailouts, failed stimulus plans, financial reform (soon to be failures), ignoring Freddie and Fannie and increased unemployment/more failed stimulus.

Let's look at each area (referenced from WND):

Stimulus spending bill: $862 billion
This was a deceptive bill. It was supposed to keep unemployment below 8 percent and create jobs. It did not. Instead, the administration concocted a "saved jobs" concept to help disguise the deception. Gross domestic product growth is still sluggish, and unemployment has remained high at 9.5 percent. Businesses are in a state of "survive" rather than a growth mode because of all the uncertainties created by the administration and Congress. Even though the stimulus bill has not worked, the administration, Betty McCollum and Congress keep spending and plan on raising taxes.


In February ’09, VP Biden Claims Stimulus “Literally Drop-Kicks Us Out Of This Recession,” Will “Create 3.5 Million Jobs” By August 2010

VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: In “18 Months” The Stimulus Will “Create 3.5 Million Jobs … Literally Drop-Kicks Us Out Of This Recession.” “This is a monumental project, but I think it's doable.  As you said, we got to stay on top of it and we got to stay on top of it on a weekly basis, because this is about getting this out and spent in 18 months to create 3.5 million jobs and to set -- tee this up so the rest of the good work that's being done here literally drop-kicks us out of this recession and we begin to grow again -- begin to grow again.” (Vice President Biden, Remarks At Recovery Plan Implementation Meeting, The White House, 2/25/09)

The Stimulus Bill Was Signed 18 Months Ago, On February 17, 2009.
 (H.R.1, “American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Of 2009,” Signed 2/17/09)

18 Months Later…

3,307,000 Jobs Lost February, 2009 – July, 2010

(U.S. Dept. Of Labor, “Employment, Hour, And Earnings From The Current Employment Statistics Survey (National),” Accessed 8/16/10)

Unemployment Rate: 9.5%

(“The Unemployment Situation – July 2010,” Bureau Of Labor Statistics, 8/6/10)

 “In My Wildest Dreams, I Never Thought It Would Work This Well.”(“Biden On Stimulus: ‘Never Thought It Would Work This Well,’” The Wall Street Journal, 9/24/09)

Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus package has failed to live up to the lofty expectations and predictions of the administration, and has failed to create the amount of jobs necessary to significantly reduce the unemployment rate.
Indeed, they have done little more than generate an unsustainable national debt, which now exceeds $13 trillion.
The net result of Obama’s failed policies is that consumers are reluctant to spendentrepreneurs are reluctant to invest, and employers are reluctant to hire to the degree necessary to spur economic growth.

Yeah Joe and Betty, it has worked out well; I can't wait for this summer of recovery to be over, as it means we will be closer to November!

Annual deficits
The largest annual deficit for President George Bush was during his last year in office ($455 billion in fiscal year 2008). The annual deficits under President Obama's first two years of fiscal year 2009 and fiscal year 2010 were $1.7 trillion and $1.6 trillion, respectively. This is why the national debt is growing so fast. Obama said in December 2008: "Deficits don't matter." They do matter to the American people and the future of this country.

National debt is nearly $14 trillion
Nearly $4 trillion has been added to the national debt since Obama took office less than two years ago with a Democrat-controlled Congress. This is in contrast to the $4 trillion added to the national debt during eight years of the Bush administration. The Congressional Budget Office and others have warned that this is unsustainable, but the president and the Democrats continue to ignore these warnings.

And Betty McCollum keeps spending; 
Another $26.1 billion

Speaker Pelosi called members of Congress back from August recess to pass this "emergency" jobs bill. Approximately $16 billion went to the states that had done the worst job of managing their Medicaid program, and $10 billion were targeted to save teacher jobs. Right! One caller last week appropriately called it a "snow jobs" bill.

The political arrogance, waste of taxpayers' money and abuse of power by this administration and Congress has been unprecedented. If people remember in November, we can make an unprecedented change of control in Congress.

2 weeks ago she was proud to spend another $26 billion to save the jobs of teachers.  I am not against teachers, I just don't believe it will make a difference.  Here is what Betty had to say:

"This is a jobs bill that will keep 161,000 teachers - including 2,800 Minnesota jobs - in the classroom rather than in the unemployment line," said Congresswoman McCollum. "This is a bill that prevents thousands of first-responders who are protecting our communities today from losing their jobs tomorrow."

That is great Betty, you bought a union by increasing our debt, but stole from the poor by taking $12 billion from the foodstamp program!!!  I am sure the needy understand, in the meantime, their kids go to school hungry!!!

Financial-deform legislation

This legislation is another unnecessary new bureaucracy created by the same two members of Congress (Sen. Chris Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank) who chaired congressional committees that allowed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to fail. Their failure was the catalyst for the financial meltdown of 2008 and 2009. Get this! The new legislation excludes Fannie and Freddie from oversight by the newly created bureaucracy. Fannie Mae is now seeking a second bailout of $1.5 billion after 12 straight quarters of losses, and Freddie Mac is asking for $1.8 billion of additional bailout money.

Health-care deform legislation: $1 trillion

The president and the Democrat-controlled Congress passed this legislation against the will of the majority of the American people. Currently, an even larger majority of Americans want this legislation repealed and the president and Congress continue to ignore their wishes. And more insulting, Democrats voting for the legislation did not read it. Speaker Pelosi even said "We must pass it so we can then tell you what's in it."

Betty is as responsible as Barry Hussein and Pelosi for the increased National Debt and lack of jobs.  She repeats the same sorry line as Barry and Pelosi; "We have saved or created XXX # of jobs".  Really?  I talk to SMB manufacturers and distributors every day, and they are terrified about what is happening.  My business discussions turn political because these business owners don't know what to do! Do they invest, hire, borrow or save?  They don't know, because there is always a new piece of legislation that is talked about, not to mention the Bush tax cuts; will they happen or not?

The problem with Betty McCollum is she has no original ideas; personally, I don't think she has the intellectual capacity to have an original idea.  Before you say it isn't all Betty's fault, understand that Betty McCollum votes strictly along party lines at the rate of 98.4%.  So yes, when Betty has stood alongside Kenya's village idiot and Pelosi for every single vote, she is responsible.  Is Betty good for St. Paul?  No.  How has she helped St. Paul?  

You can read my other posts about how she is anti-Jewish and supports Hamas, denies God, votes against the Pledge of Allegiance and in 2008 said Voter Fraud isn't a problem, yet it was during that election.

Betty, we can't wait to see you gone, along with the rest of the clowns that created this mess; only 39 seats to take Pelosi's gavel away.  We will remember in November!

20 August 2010

Comments From a Page About Betty McCollum (Where are your supporters?)

Shout out to MadVoterInMN's army; thanks to Captain T, he forwarded me this nice little site tonight filled with almost 400 comments about Betty.  Funny thing is, comments for Betty are as hard to find as Betty in MNCD4!  Keep up the fight soldier!!!  Here is the site...

I am just sharing the ones that have content more than Betty rocks (brain dead liberal) or Betty Sucks (duh, no kidding).  Besides, I have found that most liberals can't spell (see below)...

Sandy wrote:
Go Betty. Tea partiers are just full of hate and selfishness.
McCullum is decent and will win again.
She has done a good job for the 4th district and the state.
See Betty McCullum for Congress. Betty cares about people.
Wanting a good sound sound balanced budget and fiscal policy and for my children and all the children in this country to be able to achieve their dreams without being saddled with insurmountable debt and intrusive government intervention and the selling of our sovereignty to foreign nations and standing up for the constitution is selfish? What's selfish is Betty McCullum only thinking of one side of the issue when a fair amount of people in her district don't agree with her. She only represents one side of the political spectrum and ignores and patronizes those that disagree with her, leaving us out in the cold. Also if she does such a great job for the 4th district, I challenge you to list her congressional accomplishments.

All the Republican candidate has to do is get her to debate. She is without a doubt the dumbest member of congress you have ever seen talk. Those of you who seen her debate the last time at Hamline University know what I mean.

Also, when was the last time you seen her here, or on TV? There's a reason for that.

It'd sure be nice to get someone in her seat who's not totally out of touch with ordinary average Minnesota citizens.

I have never participated in any political campaig, but what Betty and the Dems are doing is finally getting me motivated. I will do all I can to make sure she no longer represents my district. She most certainly does not represent me.

i see that betty really cares a lot--------- look at her career at the nsp schoolboard-- -- it doesnt make any difference because she cares more--- good luck she knew exactly what she was doing--- hanging out with bruce vento before he died-- nothing more than a social engineering liberal [socialist] just look at her voting record-- shes been on a mission for years

At least Betty slammed Franken for his pornography writing and views. I would still like to hear from her why she refused to say "Under God" when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Betty is qualified for the dem party. She dislikes america, does not use the word "god" in the pledge of allegiance. Her views are alingned w/ Rev Wright

I hope the 4th District can get some much needed change. McCullum is bad for Minnesota. She is more of the Obama status quo.

Just look at the Statistics in the 4th District.
Crime/Welfare/Highschool Drop-out rate/sex offenses/drugs.
We know why Betty McCollum is popular.
The Opposite of a Teabagger is a "Free Loader"

Betty start packing you bags! I have never worked actively worked in a campaign until now. I'm strongly leaning towards supporting Teresa Collett for Congress.

Now that ACORN is under so much scrutiny -- perhaps it will be harder to cheat in the next election.

McCollum is nothing more then obamas lap dog who looks at her constituants with disdain and thinks it drops herself a level to listen to us.
She needs to go she has done nothing but help increase the deficit by voting with obama and has done nothing to help create jobs.

McCollum never does what the people want, but only votes the way upper Dem leadership tells her to vote. We've got to get her out of office. You'd agree that she really is a lightweight if you ever witnessed any of her previous debates. Somehow she continued to get voted in.

Sandy wrote:
Go Betty. Tea partiers are just full of hate and selfishness.
McCullum is decent and will win again.
She has done a good job for the 4th district and the state.
See Betty McCullum for Congress. Betty cares about people.
Really? other than supporting everything the Democratic leadership has told her to support, and oppose everything her leadership tells her to oppose, what significant piece of legislation has she sponsored? She is a yes person, similar to Karth and Vento.
I attended a town meeting not to long ago and the woman refused to answer a single question as it related to the costs of the recently passed Health Care bill.
She is looking out for herself, and no one else, a typiclal politician.


McColumn just knocked herself out of her seat!

Republicans don't need to lift a hand other than running someone as smart as a mentally challenged rock.

Real Clear Politics vs Mccullum

RCP: What are your thoughts on the “deem and pass” controversy?

McCollum: This is rules. And we have rules that have been used in this institution for hundreds of years. We have rules that both sides use. This is typical politics. When you think you might not get the vote, you want to change the rules. The Republicans want to change the rules.

RCP: Why doesn't the House just pass the Senate bill and send that to the White House?

McCollum: Trust me, no matter which of the different procedures that are available, at some point the Senate bill is in front of us. I don't think for a minute – for a minute!– that I'm not going to have an opponent that says I somehow didn't vote for the Senate bill. Of course they're going to say we voted for the Senate bill. The Senate bill is part of the reconciliation process, absolutely. Not one thinks that a fast one – I haven't spoken to one Democrat that doesn't think that they aren't going to get accused of voting for the Senate bill because it's part of the package.

Mccullum Deem and pass has been hundreds of years?

Thats what she said. NO SPIN THERE.




"Whatever you want Mr. Obama" and click your heals together and salute.

She is a committed liberal with views about america like Rev Wright.

She does not use the word "God" in the pledge of allegiance

Anyone who voted for Obamacare might as well not run in November! Betraying the trust of the voters is not going to get you reelected.

What has she done? Other than vote for what Nancy Pelosi tells her too. Seriously. What major legislation has she authroed? She's in the majority party, she's got no excuse for getting nothing of her own done.

Tim wrote:
No Sandy. Betty has not done a good job.
She votes almost exclusively along part lines.
Refuses to fill out questionnaires on hot button topics.
She is a lapdog for women’s rights.
Sees no end to the amount of money she wants to throw into liberal causes.
Was elected for no other reason than she is a Democrat.
Ran a ridiculous ad about guns in schools when she first ran.
Told me how unhappy she was with the amount of pay she was getting in the legislature.
She’s in the dough now though, not to mention all the other perks.
Go onto one of the voter education sites and read about Betty and read some of the transcripts from the record. She’s right there when you want to name a bridge or rename a post office. But she’s the mortal enemy of both Law Abiding and Hard Working Americans!
Thanks Tim, you hit the nail on the head. Betty has no idea of what REAL folks are looking for and need. She is one of the most self serving persons in a line up of taking credit for things and spending tax payer dollars. Every letter that I have written to her she replies and tosses in her own kind who are not the general voters she is suppose to represent. She has no realization of what she votes for. When asked about her voting for raising taxes on cigarettes she bragged about it as the tax would go for insuring more children without a hint of who would pay those taxes to keep the insurance on those children when they finally bankrupt the smoking industry. It's past the time to replace people who vote in things like this. Betty has been on a flying carpet for years and it's time to take that luxury away from her and put someone in office that is going to help us all instead of themselves and to hell with the people overall.

Betty is from North Saint Paul and people I talk to indicate she has damaged her reputation enough to make it difficult to win this fall.

About the only way for her to win is if the Republicans don't run anyone against her.

Agree with you on one thing though.... "Go Betty Go"... some place other then DC

Did you know:

The most recent 6 pieces of legislation sponsored by Rep McCollum do little to advocate for Minnesota:

7/23/2009 H.RES.499 : Congratulating University of St. Thomas Tommies baseball team;
9/24/2009 H.RES.771 : Supporting goals & ideals of a Nat’l Mesothelioma Awareness Day;
10/1/2009 H.R.3701 : Establish the More Books for Africa Program;
10/23/2009 H.R.3679 : Prohibit Federal Gov’t from awarding contracts, grants, or other agreements to …companies guilty of certain felony convictions;
1/26/2010 H.RES.990 : Express support for designation of Jan. 2010 as “National Mentoring Month”;
2/23/2010 H.R.4475 : Amend sections …of Am. Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 to reserve funds .for Indian children.

Additionally, she is a co-sponsor of H.R.4130 to impose a temporary income-based surtax beginning after 2010 on the net income tax liability of individual taxpayers, trusts, estates, & corporations to cover federal expenditures for the war in Afghanistan.

After ten years on the job, is it an unrealistic expectation that our Congresswoman be a leader to spear-head renewable energy initiatives, to actively propose ideas for getting American workers back to work, to champion initiatives for increased transparency & openness in government? Shouldn’t we expect more than authoring a resolution establishing Jan. as mentor month?

Betty McCollum is an avowed Marxist, rubber stamp for Obama and Nancy Pelosi. She must be defeated in November. An intellectual lightweight, she refuses to debate her Repbulican challenger Teresa Collett -- who as a constitutional law professor is eminantly more qualified.

Even though she represents St. Paul, which has a very large Jewish population, she is anti Israel and pro Hamas.

Even though she proclaims to be Catholic, she is divorced, pro abortion, anti marriage and even denied God when she led Congress in the Pledge of Allegiance, "forgetting" to say "Under God."

Even though rampant voter fraud was found in her district in the 2008 election, she denies that we have a voter fraud problem in Ramsey County!

The voters of MN CD 4 can do better. But we have to mobilize.

Join the Dump Betty McCollum FB page here .
Read more about Betty and her exploits in Congress at the MNCD4 needs change blog:

I can't add much more than what StPaulCD4Voter wrote, other than ask yourself is what Betty doing for our district good for us? Is voting 98% along party lines good? Is increasing the national debt $5 trillion in 2 1/2 years good for our kids?

Voting for failed stimulus, TARP, Obamacare, not finishing a budget (Betty McCollum is on the budget committee), Financial reform (notice the additional charges from the bank to have a line of credit, that is financial reform folks, banks are passing costs on to us); this is all part of the $5 trillion.

When was the last time Betty McCollum held a townhall? Talked to her constituents? Her challenger, Teresa Collett has asked Betty to debate 4 times before the election, and Betty hasn't responded. She is hiding, and it is unfair to the constituents of MNCD4; it is our seat, not Betty's, and we deserve to hear Betty speak and hear her views(though my understanding is after hearing her speak, you will feel dumber for having listened to her). How does Betty McCollum know what is going on in the district if she won't face her constituents?

What I find disturbing is Betty McCollum leading Congress in the Pledge of Allegiance, and omitting God. What an embarrassment to our district that our representative would put her beliefs before Congress like that. View the video here.

19 August 2010

Betty McCollum Has Ignored Teresa Collett's Debate Challenge

Well Betty, it has been over a week since you were challenged by Teresa Collett to 4 debates, and your constituents still haven't heard from you.  Nine days ago, I wrote about the challenge, and we are still waiting.  It isn't your seat Betty, it is ours.  If you aren't up to the debate, just say so.  At least say something, instead of hiding.  Yes or no, are both mono-syllabic words Betty.  Even an intellectual lightweight can manage that.  As Meatloaf sang in "Paradise By the Dashboard lights", What's it going to be Yes or No?  Betty McCollum, your constituents are waiting.

Disclaimer - Not me in the video!!!

18 August 2010

Betty McCollum, Congress's Intellectual Leader, Says Voter Fraud Isn't a Problem

Thanks go out to another MN CD 4 voter for sending this to me.  The Mad Voter Army is growing; if you have a tip on Betty McCollum that you think I should write about, please contact me.

This video is from a debate during the 2008 election when Betty ran against Ed Mathews.

Betty is asked if she "Would support a national law that requires voters to prove their US citizenship to vote".  As you saw with her answer, they know Betty at her polling place.  I find this oxymoronic since Betty is never in Minnesota, and we can't find her with a search party; secondly, OF COURSE they know you, you are a member of Congress!!!

See what we are working with here in St. Paul?  Betty struggled with answering this question.  It wasn't that hard of a question (future post coming on another topic that challenged Betty), but you can really see her working hard to get that hamster to spool up the energy in her head.  Betty then delivers some nonsensical answer without even answering the question (and the audiences laughter at Betty and her facial reaction is priceless).  I guess you could say she answered it through her denial of voter fraud.

I would love to see her debate Teresa Collett, but seeing Betty's challenge answering this simple question (this is the first time I have ever seen her debate) makes me doubt that Betty will accept Teresa's challenge to 4 debates.  If you would like to see Betty debate Teresa Collett, please sign the petition here.

Betty, when I voted for Teresa Collett in last week's primary at my Inver Grove Heights polling station, they didn't remember me from when I voted for John McCain in 2008.  I was pissed! I had to wait while they looked up my name, people were looking at me; it was embarassing!  To help them out, I gave them my drivers license so they could look up my name; it worked pretty slick, and it only took a second.

Funny that Betty would say that voter fraud isn't an issue; she is an ACORN supporter, and voted against defunding ACORN.  Remember, ACORN has been implicated in heavy voter fraud that favors the democrats.  This was also the battle between Norm Coleman and the comedian Al Franken, which was decided by 344 votes!  There is so much concern with voter fraud in Betty's district that Rep. Darrell Issa sent Secretary of State Mark Ritchie a letter regarding voter fraud in Betty's district.

Interestingly this took place in the 2008 election cycle, and what was revealed in June in a report done by Minnesota Majority?  Voter fraud in Minnesota; namely in Betty's district.

Betty, the people working in the polling stations don't know everyone that comes to vote, and to ensure a fair election, we should prove our residency!  As usual, you are out of touch with your constituents, as reflected by them laughing at you and your answer.

Again Betty, you have proven you aren't intellectualy qualified for the job you hold, and that you are in over your head.  The people of MN CD 4 are on to you, and we can't wait to vote you out!

11 August 2010

McCollum advances in Minn.'s 4th District |

McCollum advances in Minn.'s 4th District |

Well Betty moves on, but go figure, Diana Longrie didn't run a campaign. So, Betty, take Teresa up on her challenge to debate, your constituents deserve it. So as a tribute, here are comments about Betty, from the Red Star Tribune, and non-supporting Betty (these are from the day after the primary).

Betty McCollum Is Stealing Our Money

Hopefully MNCD4 is waking up; this woman is the perfect example of taxation without representation! In 10 years, she has introduced 41 bills, and only 1 passed! The bill that passed? It was the renaming of the post office in New Brighton! Are you serious? She counts her accomplishments, which are really Nancy Pelosi's (if you can call them accomplishments; I call them screwing the taxpayers); Obamacare, multiple bailouts and stimulus. Betty is a hypocrite; she calls out Bush to talk to congress because they deserve it; well Betty won't even talk to her constituents with a townhall. She is also anti-Israel, voting for mutliple bills supporting Hamas. Is she anti-american? Well, she led congress in the Pledge of Allegiance, and she intentionally left out "under God". What? She is a Roman Catholic!!! Do a search for "betty mccollum" "omits under god", and you will see for yourself. Now Teresa Collett has challenged Betty; will she accept the challenge? MNCD4, Betty needs to go.
posted by exafsp on Aug. 11, 10 at 9:57 AM |

Bye Bye Betty!

What has Betty McCollum done in 10 years in office? Nothing other than being Nancy Pelosi's gopher gal; a rubber stamp for ObamaCare and the failed "stimulus" that has bankrupted our kids and grandkids. She's best known for omitting "Under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance when whe said it before Congress! It's time the voters of MN CD4 see what an airhead she really is. Rep Betty McCollum please accept Teresa Collett's challenge to have 4 debates between now and Nov. 2. MN CD4 voters deserve to hear the visions of the two candidates running to represent them in Washington.
posted by spcd4voter on Aug. 11, 10 at 9:31 AM |

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Vote Betty...OUT!

Although there are so, so many richly deserving candidates for this distinction, if there's one member of Congress that really needs to be voted out in November, Betty "Do Nothing" McCollum needs to be on the short list for that. She has got her district either snowed or asleep for too many years and has done nothing to earn her keep. Seriously, can you think of anything she's done besides being a Nancy Pelosi clone? Here's hoping she gets caught in the tsunami that will be this year's midterm elections.
posted by noneof on Aug. 11, 10 at 12:20 AM |

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In addition to Betty's voting records, I would have added that she is AFRAID to publicly debate, because everyone will see her for the vacuous airhead that she really is.
posted by noneof on Aug. 11, 10 at 12:05 AM |

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Dear Betty

Well it looks like you want to become a career politician. Running for yet another term proves it. And it looks like your on your way back. Im wondering Betty, if many of those people that will vote for you in Nov. could see your voting records and do you think they would vote for you at all even if they did? Well Betty I could think of some issues that will bring you down and those who put you there will be the one's insisting you be remove by the end of your next term. Betty there is place any more for career politicians..