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16 July 2010

June 9, 2010--Betty's Letter to the Faithful (with commentary)

June 9, 2010--Betty's Letter to the Faithful (with commentary)

Well, I don't have much to say as MNCD4 did an awesome job with the comments. Betty McCollum, your writing is terrible; and you used to be a teacher? Referring to the other party as "extremists" and Wall Street as "crooks" (you need to go back to your political history and understand it was Clinton who decided to create quotas for home ownership and that Barney Frank helped).

Dear Friends,
I am proud to be a member of Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, and I want to thank the delegation from the 4th Congressional District for their endorsement and support. It is an honor and a privilege serving Minnesota in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Now, with the DFL Party united – we start the campaign to elect Margaret Anderson Kelliher governor, and re-elect Mark Ritchie, Lori Swanson, and Rebecca Otto.
We stand united as DFLers to fight to keep majorities in the Minnesota House and Senate.
I am ready to get to work to elect our DFL endorsed candidates – and I know you are too!
The DFL Party "united." Candidates have been endorsed; all except Margaret Anderson Kelliher are incumbents. Anderson Kelliher has two credible DFL challengers for Minnesota Governor in the August primary election. You face a credible primary challenge for your 4th Congressional District seat from DFL'er Diana Longrie, former Mayor of Maplewood. As Longrie said: "If you're happy with the status quo, then continue to back Congresswoman Betty McCollum."
This is a united Party? Let's judge the incumbents on their merits. That's why we have elections.
Friends, in Washington we have a fight on our hands. We want health care for this country that is affordable, accessible and high quality. We want jobs created on Main Street and our nation’s infrastructure rebuilt. We want basic benefits extended for people out of work until they can find a job.
"Affordable, accessible and high quality" health care? What? Do you mean we didn't get these with the health care reform bill signed into law on March 23?
And I want Wall Street regulated and those greedy crooks responsible for the economic collapse punished.
The last time you spoke the pejorative term "crooks" in a public forum, you were referring to health insurance executives while arguing for the health care reform bill law that now according to you, apparently doesn't provide affordable, accessible and high quality health care. If you really believe that "greedy crooks" are responsible for the economic collapse, you should refer the matter to the Department of Justice and insist on investigation and prosecution. But perhaps the real crooks are too close to home.
But we have a fight because Republicans in Washington would rather rally with the Tea Party extremists than work with Democrats and vote for the interests of the American people.
Tea Party extremists, another pejorative, and Republicans are synonyms in your DFL dictionary while in the real world, the Tea Party is a conservative movement, comprised of Independents, Republicans and even Democrats. It's not a Party. You should be afraid, very afraid.
So we will pass important legislation without their help … Because I would rather have Democrats alone pass legislation that helps the American people than wait for Republicans to break up their little tea party.
Betty, understand that the conservative movement wants its Country back before we get to the point that half of Americans, the wealth creation part, produce economic prosperity and the other half, the wealth redistribution part, sits around and regulates us. If you want to see the future of your world, look at Europe's "PIIGS." Socialists, Democrats, liberals, progressives - whatever your appropriate term - the America you would have is "slouching toward Athens."
Republicans in Congress want President Obama to fail. That means they want America to fail – your family to fail – and I reject their cynical, selfish, destructive political games.
Republicans in Congress don't want President Obama to fail... they want America to succeed. And that begins with the 2010 election. If you simply look to recent election outcomes, the record of which political party engages in "cynical, selfish, destructive political games" speaks for itself.
Democrats in Congress have the responsibility to govern, not play games.
No Betty... Democrats in Congress do not have the responsibility to "govern." Congress is elected and has the responsibility to legislate. Three co-equal branches, remember? Executive, Judicial and Legislative. The Constitution of the United States: Read it, learn it, live it!
We passed the Recovery Act and health care reform without one Republican vote.
And Republicans were joined by 10 Democrats in Congress voting no for the Recovery Act and 34 against health care reform.
Imagine, the Republican Party’s top legislative priority next year is to repeal health care reform.
And in the meantime, Attorney Generals in over a dozen States have filed suits against the recently enacted health care reform law because Congress overstepped its Constitutional bounds. And a May 31st Rasmussen Report found that 60% of Americans want it repealed. Imagine, indeed!
In other words their plan for America’s future is to stop 32 million Americans from getting insurance, helping the insurance companies discriminate against people with preexisting conditions, and they want to add $1.4 trillion to the deficit.
Add $1.4 trillion to the deficit? Don't you mean save $1.4 trillion? On May 12th, your Congressional Budget Office found another $115 billion more in health care reform discretionary spending that pushed the total cost to over $1 trillion. And when was the last time a Federal program stayed within cost estimates, if one ever has?
If you think this sounds like a plan only Michele Bachmann would author... you are right. (H.R. 4903) It is legislation only the insurance companies and Tea Party Republicans could love.
Only Tea Party Republicans along with 60% of Americans according to Rasmussen Reports on May 31st.
I am going to stand with President Obama to move America forward and keep America strong.
After 2010, with providence and good fortune, he will be standing alone. But you will be together again after 2012!
And you need to know your Minnesota delegation is leading in Washington. Senators Klobuchar and Franken, Chairmen Oberstar and Peterson, Representatives Keith Ellison and Tim Walz, these are Democrats working for you, fighting for you and your families, and I am proud to be serving with them.
Thank you for summarizing Minnesota's "must defeat" list.
It is time for us – united as DFLers – to get to work to win in November.

Betty McCollum
Member of Congress

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