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25 July 2010

Betty McCollum Votes Against $100 Million a Year in Savings!!!

If you haven't heard of Youcut, it is a cool concept put together by Eric Cantor. Each week they put together several budget saving ideas, and put them on their website for the public to vote on. This weeks cut was to stop subsidizing sleeping cars on Amtrak, which would save $100 million a year. No surprise that Betty McCollum voted against it, since she just had Nancy Pelosi in town to celebrate the money given to the train station in St. Paul. So while Nancy's lapdog Betty goes on about how the train station creates jobs, we the taxpayers will still subsidize Amtrak. Duh, that makes sense!!!  Guess Betty McCollum isn't interested in saving taxpayers $100M a year.

Click here for full rollcall; Minnesotan's are listed below.

Prohibit "First-Class" Subsidies on Amtrak
Potential savings of $1.2 billion over ten years
While only 16 percent of Amtrak long-distance passengers opt for "sleeper class" travel, as opposed to coach class, federal taxpayers provide substantial extra subsidies for this first class travel. Passengers in long-distance first class travel are provided a sleeping room, many with a private toilet and shower, turn-down service, and complimentary entertainment and pre-paid food. Yet, Amtrak loses more than twice as much per passenger (an average of $396) for first class service as compared to coach class service. These losses are made up by taxpayers. This proposal would eliminate subsidies for first-class service and require Amtrak to provide any first class service at cost.
The Up-Or-Down Vote On This Cut

Each week, the public votes on one of five wasteful spending items, then the House votes on the item chosen by the people. You told Washington where you stood, here is how your Representatives in Washington stood.

Rep. Michele Bachmann
Minnesota - 6

Rep. Keith Ellison
Minnesota - 5

Rep. John Kline
Minnesota - 2

Rep. Betty McCollum
Minnesota - 4

Rep. James L. Oberstar
Minnesota - 8

Rep. Erik Paulsen
Minnesota - 3

Rep. Collin C. Peterson
Minnesota - 7

Rep. Timothy J. Walz
Minnesota - 1


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  2. You are welcome Mamasooz!!! Feel free to cross post anything I put on here!!! We need to spread the word!!!