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23 August 2010

Unbelievable Behind the Scenes Video from Betty McCollum's Campaign Office!!!

Here we have it; this video explains why MNCD4 hasn't seen Betty McCollum, and why she isn't holding townhalls!  It might also explain why Betty hasn't yet agreed to debate Teresa Collett.  Again, the constituents of MNCD4 ask "Where is Betty"?

Then again, we know she will get harder questions from her constituents than she got from Esme Murphy on WCCO.  Is she hiding because she doesn't want to have to answer these questions?

  1. Where are the jobs?
  2. Why do you keep spending and adding to the National Debt?
  3. No more bailouts!
  4. You are on the budget committee, why didn't you pass a budget?
  5. If you don't have a budget, how do you control spending?
  6. Obamacare is a failure!
  7. Why won't you secure our borders?
  8. Why do you blame Bush?
  9. Why don't you want to extend Bush's tax cuts?
  10. Why do you believe Keynes is right when it was decided 30+ years ago that Keynes is a failed economic model?
It is well known that Betty isn't a mental giant, and that she struggles with questions in front of crowds, so she avoids situations she can't control, and where she may get questions that cause her to think beyond the stock Democrat answers (ie. jobs saved or created, it is all Bush's fault etc...)  It is no wonder that she has only debated 2 times in her 10 years in Congress.

Here you go, the behind the scenes video from Betty's campaign office...

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  1. The first second I followed a link to this astounding hilarious Yes We Scam! B.S. We Can Believe In! Obama Approval Plummets Hub on Hubpages I convinced myself that Need Change's web visitors truly should have a chance to see this link!