Betty McCollum needs to be voted out!!!

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10 August 2010

Teresa Collett Challenges Betty McCollum to 4 Debates!!!

Betty McCollum, you have been called out by Teresa Collett!!!  Are you up to the challenge, or are you going to hide in Washington?  Your constituents deserve to hear you debate your challenger so we can make an informed decision.  Put your big girl clothes on, and debate Teresa.  This is part of the political process Betty, and you OWE it to your constituents.  This is our seat, not yours.  You also OWE us townhalls, but you don't do those.

If you want to see Betty debate Teresa, sign the petition here.

Here is Teresa's message to Betty:

Dear Congresswoman McCollum: 

Congratulations on winning your primary in the Democratic Party. As your Republican opponent, I am formally challenging you to publicly debate me six times during the upcoming weeks until the general election on November 2. Voters in Minnesota s 4th Congressional District deserve to see the candidates for U.S. House of Representatives debate their ideas for addressing the issues facing our nation. With national unemployment continuing to hover around 9.5% and our national debt approaching unsustainable levels, Minnesotans are looking for realistic answers to our problems. Voters deserve the opportunity to see and hear our competing views on the growth and direction of the federal government. Political debates are a time-honored way of enabling the American people to choose their leaders wisely, allowing them to hear firsthand what each candidate proposes and why. Refusing to debate suggests contempt for the voters and a sense of entitlement to public office. The seat you currently hold in the United States House of Representatives is the people s seat, and they have a right to know what they can expect from the person who holds it. I look forward to your agreement to engage in debates. 

Sincerely, Teresa Collett


  1. Steve Carlson here. So, are you going to debate me at the same time? If not, why not? Let's debate the issues and let the voters decide. Why don't you and I debate, and then if Betty doesn't show up, we'll talk about her. What do you say?

  2. Steve,
    This isn't Teresa's website, and I am mot affiliated with her. I am a pissed off voter, that thinks Betty McCollum is incompetent, and reached her Peter Principal max when she was a retail manager at Sears. If you want to get a message to Teresa, go to her website.

    Mad Constituent of MN CD4