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02 August 2010

Betty McCollum is a Big Hypocrite!!!

On Sep. 23, 2008 Betty McCollum speaks before congress and says America faces the biggest financial crisis since the great depression and complains about Bush bailing out a bank.  That was the first bank that the US bailed out (not saying we shouldn't have bailed out the bank, but the government found out on Saturday morning, and if they would've let the bank fail Monday the markets would've been in the crapper.  I'm all in favor of letting the banks fail, but this was uncharted territory for the government; not to mention, the reason the banks failed was because of bad loans they made to meet homeownership quota's Clinton and Barney Frank setup in the mid-90's so everyone could own a home; even if they didn't have the money to afford know, every citizen and illegal should realize that dream).

Betty, January 4th, 2007, the Democrats took control of Congress, and since then the National Debt has increased almost $5 trillion (since the Dems controlled congress, you could've prevented the spending)!!!  BETTY lets review what YOUR DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED CONGRESS has added to the national debt through:

  1. Stimulus packages - FAIL
  2. Obamacare which costs more then you said it would - FAIL
  3. High unemployment which requires extened UI benefits - FAIL
  4. Bailout of Auto Industry - Ford didn't take the bailout and look at them...hmm, capitalism at work? All America got was the Chevy Volt!!! - FAIL
At the time you ask Where is President Bush, and to come before congress and the American people because he has an obligation to explain to them why he needs to spend the money.  As I watch this, I can't believe what a HYPOCRITE YOU ARE!!!  Your constituents are asking the same thing about you Betty McCollum; Where the hell are you?  Why aren't you calling out Obama like you called out Bush?  He golfs while oil is spilling into the gulf (4 vacations since April if I am counting correctly), illegals are invading our country, unemployment is at record highs and his and your ratings are below the Mendoza line, yet you don't call out Obama.  But forget Obama, where are you? Where is Betty McCollum?  Your constituents want to talk to you, and ask why you are spending OUR money like a drunken sailor. 

Betty, at the time, you wanted to hold Bush accountable to Congress and the people, we WANT to hold you accountable.  Talk to your constituents.  DO YOUR JOB, you were elected by the people, and we expect you to legislate for the people and talk to the people.  Why are you hiding?  We have lots of questions Betty...

Based upon this speech you gave, you are a HYPOCRITE BETTY McCOLLUM!!!  Do your job and talk to your constituents!!!  Or are you afraid to talk to your constituents?  You are on recess now, will you hold PUBLIC TOWNHALLS? Or will you sneakily setup controlled townhalls and release details by press release 30 minutes before the event like you did a couple months ago (you only took 3 questions at the nursing home)...LETS TALK BETTY!!!

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