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20 August 2010

Comments From a Page About Betty McCollum (Where are your supporters?)

Shout out to MadVoterInMN's army; thanks to Captain T, he forwarded me this nice little site tonight filled with almost 400 comments about Betty.  Funny thing is, comments for Betty are as hard to find as Betty in MNCD4!  Keep up the fight soldier!!!  Here is the site...

I am just sharing the ones that have content more than Betty rocks (brain dead liberal) or Betty Sucks (duh, no kidding).  Besides, I have found that most liberals can't spell (see below)...

Sandy wrote:
Go Betty. Tea partiers are just full of hate and selfishness.
McCullum is decent and will win again.
She has done a good job for the 4th district and the state.
See Betty McCullum for Congress. Betty cares about people.
Wanting a good sound sound balanced budget and fiscal policy and for my children and all the children in this country to be able to achieve their dreams without being saddled with insurmountable debt and intrusive government intervention and the selling of our sovereignty to foreign nations and standing up for the constitution is selfish? What's selfish is Betty McCullum only thinking of one side of the issue when a fair amount of people in her district don't agree with her. She only represents one side of the political spectrum and ignores and patronizes those that disagree with her, leaving us out in the cold. Also if she does such a great job for the 4th district, I challenge you to list her congressional accomplishments.

All the Republican candidate has to do is get her to debate. She is without a doubt the dumbest member of congress you have ever seen talk. Those of you who seen her debate the last time at Hamline University know what I mean.

Also, when was the last time you seen her here, or on TV? There's a reason for that.

It'd sure be nice to get someone in her seat who's not totally out of touch with ordinary average Minnesota citizens.

I have never participated in any political campaig, but what Betty and the Dems are doing is finally getting me motivated. I will do all I can to make sure she no longer represents my district. She most certainly does not represent me.

i see that betty really cares a lot--------- look at her career at the nsp schoolboard-- -- it doesnt make any difference because she cares more--- good luck she knew exactly what she was doing--- hanging out with bruce vento before he died-- nothing more than a social engineering liberal [socialist] just look at her voting record-- shes been on a mission for years

At least Betty slammed Franken for his pornography writing and views. I would still like to hear from her why she refused to say "Under God" when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Betty is qualified for the dem party. She dislikes america, does not use the word "god" in the pledge of allegiance. Her views are alingned w/ Rev Wright

I hope the 4th District can get some much needed change. McCullum is bad for Minnesota. She is more of the Obama status quo.

Just look at the Statistics in the 4th District.
Crime/Welfare/Highschool Drop-out rate/sex offenses/drugs.
We know why Betty McCollum is popular.
The Opposite of a Teabagger is a "Free Loader"

Betty start packing you bags! I have never worked actively worked in a campaign until now. I'm strongly leaning towards supporting Teresa Collett for Congress.

Now that ACORN is under so much scrutiny -- perhaps it will be harder to cheat in the next election.

McCollum is nothing more then obamas lap dog who looks at her constituants with disdain and thinks it drops herself a level to listen to us.
She needs to go she has done nothing but help increase the deficit by voting with obama and has done nothing to help create jobs.

McCollum never does what the people want, but only votes the way upper Dem leadership tells her to vote. We've got to get her out of office. You'd agree that she really is a lightweight if you ever witnessed any of her previous debates. Somehow she continued to get voted in.

Sandy wrote:
Go Betty. Tea partiers are just full of hate and selfishness.
McCullum is decent and will win again.
She has done a good job for the 4th district and the state.
See Betty McCullum for Congress. Betty cares about people.
Really? other than supporting everything the Democratic leadership has told her to support, and oppose everything her leadership tells her to oppose, what significant piece of legislation has she sponsored? She is a yes person, similar to Karth and Vento.
I attended a town meeting not to long ago and the woman refused to answer a single question as it related to the costs of the recently passed Health Care bill.
She is looking out for herself, and no one else, a typiclal politician.


McColumn just knocked herself out of her seat!

Republicans don't need to lift a hand other than running someone as smart as a mentally challenged rock.

Real Clear Politics vs Mccullum

RCP: What are your thoughts on the “deem and pass” controversy?

McCollum: This is rules. And we have rules that have been used in this institution for hundreds of years. We have rules that both sides use. This is typical politics. When you think you might not get the vote, you want to change the rules. The Republicans want to change the rules.

RCP: Why doesn't the House just pass the Senate bill and send that to the White House?

McCollum: Trust me, no matter which of the different procedures that are available, at some point the Senate bill is in front of us. I don't think for a minute – for a minute!– that I'm not going to have an opponent that says I somehow didn't vote for the Senate bill. Of course they're going to say we voted for the Senate bill. The Senate bill is part of the reconciliation process, absolutely. Not one thinks that a fast one – I haven't spoken to one Democrat that doesn't think that they aren't going to get accused of voting for the Senate bill because it's part of the package.

Mccullum Deem and pass has been hundreds of years?

Thats what she said. NO SPIN THERE.




"Whatever you want Mr. Obama" and click your heals together and salute.

She is a committed liberal with views about america like Rev Wright.

She does not use the word "God" in the pledge of allegiance

Anyone who voted for Obamacare might as well not run in November! Betraying the trust of the voters is not going to get you reelected.

What has she done? Other than vote for what Nancy Pelosi tells her too. Seriously. What major legislation has she authroed? She's in the majority party, she's got no excuse for getting nothing of her own done.

Tim wrote:
No Sandy. Betty has not done a good job.
She votes almost exclusively along part lines.
Refuses to fill out questionnaires on hot button topics.
She is a lapdog for women’s rights.
Sees no end to the amount of money she wants to throw into liberal causes.
Was elected for no other reason than she is a Democrat.
Ran a ridiculous ad about guns in schools when she first ran.
Told me how unhappy she was with the amount of pay she was getting in the legislature.
She’s in the dough now though, not to mention all the other perks.
Go onto one of the voter education sites and read about Betty and read some of the transcripts from the record. She’s right there when you want to name a bridge or rename a post office. But she’s the mortal enemy of both Law Abiding and Hard Working Americans!
Thanks Tim, you hit the nail on the head. Betty has no idea of what REAL folks are looking for and need. She is one of the most self serving persons in a line up of taking credit for things and spending tax payer dollars. Every letter that I have written to her she replies and tosses in her own kind who are not the general voters she is suppose to represent. She has no realization of what she votes for. When asked about her voting for raising taxes on cigarettes she bragged about it as the tax would go for insuring more children without a hint of who would pay those taxes to keep the insurance on those children when they finally bankrupt the smoking industry. It's past the time to replace people who vote in things like this. Betty has been on a flying carpet for years and it's time to take that luxury away from her and put someone in office that is going to help us all instead of themselves and to hell with the people overall.

Betty is from North Saint Paul and people I talk to indicate she has damaged her reputation enough to make it difficult to win this fall.

About the only way for her to win is if the Republicans don't run anyone against her.

Agree with you on one thing though.... "Go Betty Go"... some place other then DC

Did you know:

The most recent 6 pieces of legislation sponsored by Rep McCollum do little to advocate for Minnesota:

7/23/2009 H.RES.499 : Congratulating University of St. Thomas Tommies baseball team;
9/24/2009 H.RES.771 : Supporting goals & ideals of a Nat’l Mesothelioma Awareness Day;
10/1/2009 H.R.3701 : Establish the More Books for Africa Program;
10/23/2009 H.R.3679 : Prohibit Federal Gov’t from awarding contracts, grants, or other agreements to …companies guilty of certain felony convictions;
1/26/2010 H.RES.990 : Express support for designation of Jan. 2010 as “National Mentoring Month”;
2/23/2010 H.R.4475 : Amend sections …of Am. Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 to reserve funds .for Indian children.

Additionally, she is a co-sponsor of H.R.4130 to impose a temporary income-based surtax beginning after 2010 on the net income tax liability of individual taxpayers, trusts, estates, & corporations to cover federal expenditures for the war in Afghanistan.

After ten years on the job, is it an unrealistic expectation that our Congresswoman be a leader to spear-head renewable energy initiatives, to actively propose ideas for getting American workers back to work, to champion initiatives for increased transparency & openness in government? Shouldn’t we expect more than authoring a resolution establishing Jan. as mentor month?

Betty McCollum is an avowed Marxist, rubber stamp for Obama and Nancy Pelosi. She must be defeated in November. An intellectual lightweight, she refuses to debate her Repbulican challenger Teresa Collett -- who as a constitutional law professor is eminantly more qualified.

Even though she represents St. Paul, which has a very large Jewish population, she is anti Israel and pro Hamas.

Even though she proclaims to be Catholic, she is divorced, pro abortion, anti marriage and even denied God when she led Congress in the Pledge of Allegiance, "forgetting" to say "Under God."

Even though rampant voter fraud was found in her district in the 2008 election, she denies that we have a voter fraud problem in Ramsey County!

The voters of MN CD 4 can do better. But we have to mobilize.

Join the Dump Betty McCollum FB page here .
Read more about Betty and her exploits in Congress at the MNCD4 needs change blog:

I can't add much more than what StPaulCD4Voter wrote, other than ask yourself is what Betty doing for our district good for us? Is voting 98% along party lines good? Is increasing the national debt $5 trillion in 2 1/2 years good for our kids?

Voting for failed stimulus, TARP, Obamacare, not finishing a budget (Betty McCollum is on the budget committee), Financial reform (notice the additional charges from the bank to have a line of credit, that is financial reform folks, banks are passing costs on to us); this is all part of the $5 trillion.

When was the last time Betty McCollum held a townhall? Talked to her constituents? Her challenger, Teresa Collett has asked Betty to debate 4 times before the election, and Betty hasn't responded. She is hiding, and it is unfair to the constituents of MNCD4; it is our seat, not Betty's, and we deserve to hear Betty speak and hear her views(though my understanding is after hearing her speak, you will feel dumber for having listened to her). How does Betty McCollum know what is going on in the district if she won't face her constituents?

What I find disturbing is Betty McCollum leading Congress in the Pledge of Allegiance, and omitting God. What an embarrassment to our district that our representative would put her beliefs before Congress like that. View the video here.

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