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11 August 2010

McCollum advances in Minn.'s 4th District |

McCollum advances in Minn.'s 4th District |

Well Betty moves on, but go figure, Diana Longrie didn't run a campaign. So, Betty, take Teresa up on her challenge to debate, your constituents deserve it. So as a tribute, here are comments about Betty, from the Red Star Tribune, and non-supporting Betty (these are from the day after the primary).

Betty McCollum Is Stealing Our Money

Hopefully MNCD4 is waking up; this woman is the perfect example of taxation without representation! In 10 years, she has introduced 41 bills, and only 1 passed! The bill that passed? It was the renaming of the post office in New Brighton! Are you serious? She counts her accomplishments, which are really Nancy Pelosi's (if you can call them accomplishments; I call them screwing the taxpayers); Obamacare, multiple bailouts and stimulus. Betty is a hypocrite; she calls out Bush to talk to congress because they deserve it; well Betty won't even talk to her constituents with a townhall. She is also anti-Israel, voting for mutliple bills supporting Hamas. Is she anti-american? Well, she led congress in the Pledge of Allegiance, and she intentionally left out "under God". What? She is a Roman Catholic!!! Do a search for "betty mccollum" "omits under god", and you will see for yourself. Now Teresa Collett has challenged Betty; will she accept the challenge? MNCD4, Betty needs to go.
posted by exafsp on Aug. 11, 10 at 9:57 AM |

Bye Bye Betty!

What has Betty McCollum done in 10 years in office? Nothing other than being Nancy Pelosi's gopher gal; a rubber stamp for ObamaCare and the failed "stimulus" that has bankrupted our kids and grandkids. She's best known for omitting "Under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance when whe said it before Congress! It's time the voters of MN CD4 see what an airhead she really is. Rep Betty McCollum please accept Teresa Collett's challenge to have 4 debates between now and Nov. 2. MN CD4 voters deserve to hear the visions of the two candidates running to represent them in Washington.
posted by spcd4voter on Aug. 11, 10 at 9:31 AM |

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Vote Betty...OUT!

Although there are so, so many richly deserving candidates for this distinction, if there's one member of Congress that really needs to be voted out in November, Betty "Do Nothing" McCollum needs to be on the short list for that. She has got her district either snowed or asleep for too many years and has done nothing to earn her keep. Seriously, can you think of anything she's done besides being a Nancy Pelosi clone? Here's hoping she gets caught in the tsunami that will be this year's midterm elections.
posted by noneof on Aug. 11, 10 at 12:20 AM |

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In addition to Betty's voting records, I would have added that she is AFRAID to publicly debate, because everyone will see her for the vacuous airhead that she really is.
posted by noneof on Aug. 11, 10 at 12:05 AM |

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Dear Betty

Well it looks like you want to become a career politician. Running for yet another term proves it. And it looks like your on your way back. Im wondering Betty, if many of those people that will vote for you in Nov. could see your voting records and do you think they would vote for you at all even if they did? Well Betty I could think of some issues that will bring you down and those who put you there will be the one's insisting you be remove by the end of your next term. Betty there is place any more for career politicians..

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