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03 August 2010

Betty McCollum Supports Hamas!!! NOT Israel!!

Betty, I think you know from reading my blog I served my country honorably in the Air Force.  I served all around the world, and worked with many different countries.  The one country I really wanted to work with, I never got a chance to, but while deployed to a forward base in Egypt, I got to see the result of this countries work.  That country is Israel.  Growing up and reading about their military, I had a deep respect for them.  Stuck between countries that want to eliminate them, they take care of themselves, and along with Great Britain they are our greatest ally.

Israel is a country that during the first Gulf War suffered 100's of Scud missile attacks from Iraq where many CIVILIANS were killed.  But they didn't do anything because George Bush asked them not to, that we would take care of them.  Israel is a country that right now Iran threatens.  Surrounded by enemies, Israel thrives.  Yet you condemn Israel for their RIGHT to block the flotilla to Gaza, which is ruled by Hamas.  Do you dislike Israel?  For pete's sake, Hamas is a sworn enemy of Israel!!!  Let's review what you wrote.

Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minn.) also condemned the attack Tuesday. "While the U.S. supports Israel's security, it is impossible to comprehend or make excuses for Israel's decision to confront and kill civilian activists," she said. "This unnecessary and preventable incident demands a comprehensive investigation by the international community fully supported by the United States."

Those "activists" fired on the Israelis first!!!  Betty, you were in such a hurry to judge and condemn Israel that you talked before you had the facts.  The cargo of the ships included medical supplies as well as weapons such as knives, clubs, slingshots, bulletproof vests, gas masks and night vision goggles.  I know from my experience in the service that the things they found were not toys, but were of military value.  Hmm, what use would Hamas, a sworn enemy of Israel have for bulletproof vests, gas masks and night vision goggles?  I do, it was part of my equipment!!!  

I find it appalling that you would deny our ally like this.  Even in this video, you admit Hamas fired 1,000's of rockets at Israel, but you want Israel held accountable for responding to a guerrilla army sworn to kill jews and supports terrorism...

More evidence you don't support Israel.  

In January 2009, in a resolution to support Israel (which passed 390-5) you were one of 22 to vote "present" (along with Keith Ellison), which in affect is as good as a NO vote.  Way to go Betty, I am sure the Jewish voters of MNCD4 appreciate your support.  Did you talk to any of them about how you should vote, or was this your liberal ideals type of vote?  Going on your track record of communication with your constituency, I am willing to bet you didn't talk to anyone from MNCD4.

And from the Righside news

Congresswoman Betty McCollum has been waging her own private war on Israel, right down to issuing an imperial demand that Israeli Ambassador Oren attend the national conference of the far left anti-Israel group, J Street. McCollum famously belittled Hamas' shelling of Israel as nothing more than a drug gang's drive by shooting and repeated the discredited white phosphorous smear

And from the Astute Blogger

Fifty-four House members are defying AIPAC and calling on President Obama to lift the deadly blockade of Gaza.

... In short, the courageous 54 want the blockade lifted.Please take a look at the list of these legislators who will, no doubt, catch hell from powerful AIPAC types in their districts and, more significanyly, among their donor base.
Also note this. The fact that your favorite liberal is not among the 54 does not mean he or she disagrees with their braver colleagues. It only means that they are not ready to stand up and be counted.
The 54 deserve our thanks as does J Street and Americans for Peace Now which supported the House effort that was led by three Minnesotans: Keith Ellison, James Oberstar, and Betty McCollum.

Betty, Hamas supports terrorism, is sworn to kill Jews, and you are worried about their people, and not our ally.  Unbelievable...(I've said it numerous times, Hamas is Israel's enemy; Israel is our ally; get it?)!

How many Palestinians do you have as constituents?  

How many Jews do you have as constituents?  

How many Christians that support Israel do you have as constituents? 

I thought are a legislator by the people, but you aren't legislating for the people!!!

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