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18 August 2010

Betty McCollum, Congress's Intellectual Leader, Says Voter Fraud Isn't a Problem

Thanks go out to another MN CD 4 voter for sending this to me.  The Mad Voter Army is growing; if you have a tip on Betty McCollum that you think I should write about, please contact me.

This video is from a debate during the 2008 election when Betty ran against Ed Mathews.

Betty is asked if she "Would support a national law that requires voters to prove their US citizenship to vote".  As you saw with her answer, they know Betty at her polling place.  I find this oxymoronic since Betty is never in Minnesota, and we can't find her with a search party; secondly, OF COURSE they know you, you are a member of Congress!!!

See what we are working with here in St. Paul?  Betty struggled with answering this question.  It wasn't that hard of a question (future post coming on another topic that challenged Betty), but you can really see her working hard to get that hamster to spool up the energy in her head.  Betty then delivers some nonsensical answer without even answering the question (and the audiences laughter at Betty and her facial reaction is priceless).  I guess you could say she answered it through her denial of voter fraud.

I would love to see her debate Teresa Collett, but seeing Betty's challenge answering this simple question (this is the first time I have ever seen her debate) makes me doubt that Betty will accept Teresa's challenge to 4 debates.  If you would like to see Betty debate Teresa Collett, please sign the petition here.

Betty, when I voted for Teresa Collett in last week's primary at my Inver Grove Heights polling station, they didn't remember me from when I voted for John McCain in 2008.  I was pissed! I had to wait while they looked up my name, people were looking at me; it was embarassing!  To help them out, I gave them my drivers license so they could look up my name; it worked pretty slick, and it only took a second.

Funny that Betty would say that voter fraud isn't an issue; she is an ACORN supporter, and voted against defunding ACORN.  Remember, ACORN has been implicated in heavy voter fraud that favors the democrats.  This was also the battle between Norm Coleman and the comedian Al Franken, which was decided by 344 votes!  There is so much concern with voter fraud in Betty's district that Rep. Darrell Issa sent Secretary of State Mark Ritchie a letter regarding voter fraud in Betty's district.

Interestingly this took place in the 2008 election cycle, and what was revealed in June in a report done by Minnesota Majority?  Voter fraud in Minnesota; namely in Betty's district.

Betty, the people working in the polling stations don't know everyone that comes to vote, and to ensure a fair election, we should prove our residency!  As usual, you are out of touch with your constituents, as reflected by them laughing at you and your answer.

Again Betty, you have proven you aren't intellectualy qualified for the job you hold, and that you are in over your head.  The people of MN CD 4 are on to you, and we can't wait to vote you out!


  1. What a whopper!

    Of course Betty wouldn't want to root out voter fraud. Getting the felon vote, the dead vote and illegal alien vote are critical constituencies for her in MN! Those groups swept Al Franken into the Senate two years ago, and she's counting on them carrying her to victory this year!

  2. Just because you post your opinion does not make it true.

  3. Anonymous, is this Betty McCollum? First, I can tell by your simple sentence structure which contained one polysyllabic word. A little advice here; "make", should be written as "mean".

    Secondly, isn't that the point of a blog? It is my opinion!!! Sheesh...

  4. If the truth is what you're seeking, you might want to take a look at the follow-up stories done regarding the June "study" by Minnesota Majority.

  5. Do you have any actual evidence of widespread voter fraud? Perhaps there is some here and there, but its on both sides. I bet you cannot find a reliable unbias source that reports otherwise.

  6. Al Franken is a US Senator, that seems to be conclusive proof of voter fraud.