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19 August 2010

Betty McCollum Has Ignored Teresa Collett's Debate Challenge

Well Betty, it has been over a week since you were challenged by Teresa Collett to 4 debates, and your constituents still haven't heard from you.  Nine days ago, I wrote about the challenge, and we are still waiting.  It isn't your seat Betty, it is ours.  If you aren't up to the debate, just say so.  At least say something, instead of hiding.  Yes or no, are both mono-syllabic words Betty.  Even an intellectual lightweight can manage that.  As Meatloaf sang in "Paradise By the Dashboard lights", What's it going to be Yes or No?  Betty McCollum, your constituents are waiting.

Disclaimer - Not me in the video!!!

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  1. Steve Carlson here: I want FIVE debates with McCollum and Collett. Please honor your argument to hear alternatives and don't try to debate without me, a major party candidate with the Independence Party. Thank you.