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30 September 2010

MN Rep D Betty McCollum Says the Stimulus Worked! Uhm, Epic FAIL!!!

First, challenger Teresa Collett answers.  Clear, concise and articulate, but what else would you expect from a law professor...

and then we have brain dead Betty McCollum, who would be overmatched in a debate with Paris Hilton!

Betty, you start off talking about injecting confidence into the market, and the stimulus was the best way to do so.  Sure...maybe if that was the only thing you did, but you also did auto bailouts, TARP, Obamacare, Cash for Clunkers, Cash for Caulkers and Congress gave themselves a payraise.  Since none of those worked, there was no confidence.  In fact, I don't know of one person who was affected by the stimulus package!  But, there certainly was a lot of government employees hired.

You talk about 9% unemployment, and it would've been 16% if not for the stimulus.  Well genius, get out of Washington DC and talk to your district (which you don't do)!  The Real Unemployment Rate (underemployed and discouraged workers) is around 22%!  Betty, I am not a dummy; I am an educated professional!

To listen to your talking points is nauseating.  We could put any Democrat up there, close our eyes and hear the same talking points your leadership sent with you!

Let's look at some #'s I found here:

In the table below, I’ve calculated the net change in employment by industry from February 2009, when the stimulus bill was passed, to July 2010, using the latest data available from the BLS. (Click row headings for data source.)

Jobs Created

Jobs Created

(2/2009 to 7/2010)
Wholesale Trade158,000-173,900
Retail Trade604,000-288,900
Financial Activities214,000-321,000
Professional and Business Services345,000-246,000
Education and Health Services240,000+473,000
Leisure and Hospitality499,000-86,000
Other Services99,000-71,000
Transportation and Warehousing98,000-143,500

Oh, and the Central if you were working on that for 20 years, how did that benefit from the stimulus?  Also, the Central will that keep the major corporations?  It connects both downtowns!  People already get to their jobs.

One more thing Betty...your idol, Kenya's Village Idiot admitted the stimulus failed, so why are you defending it?

Keep up the work constituents of MNCD4; every bit helps.  From letters to the editor, tweets, facebook, blogs, Collett yard signs, telling your neighbors etc...spread the word on what Betty hasn't done for MNCD4, and if you are new to this blog, read how Betty denies God in Congress,supports Hamas and is anti-Israel.  Or just ask yourself, with the recent revelation of voter fraud in St. Paul, why would Betty McCollum deny voter fraud is a problem, and what has Betty done for MNCD4?  

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