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09 September 2010

Betty McCollum Screwed MNCD 4 With Healthcare Reform Vote

Betty McCollum, you were so proud of your vote for Obamacare when you rammed it through without reading it.  Your office claimed your district supported it and wanted it, but that isn't what I see here or here.  This is a bill MNCD 4 and America did not want!  Polling this week says 56% of registered voters are in favor of repealing it!

One can only assume you didn't read the bill, because your pal Nancy Pelosi said, "Well, we have to pass the bill to see what is in it".

What I find really troubling is the lies that you sold us on this bill.  Let's start with the first one.  You said on your website:

"Making health insurance affordable for middle class and small businesses-one of largest tax cuts for health care in history - reducing premiums and out‐of‐pocket costs."

That is a great line when you are trying to buy votes, but today reality sets in when insurers announced they need to raise premiums due to the Healthcare Reform that YOU passed!

From CBS News today:
"Health insurers across the country are planning to raise premiums for some of their customers in the coming weeks, the Wall Street Journal reports, and they are in part blaming President Obama's health care reform package for the rate hikes. 

Aetna Inc., some BlueCross BlueShield plans and other smaller carriers have asked regulators to approve premium increases of between one percent and nine percent to pay for the bill's early benefits..."

Wait, that wasn't supposed to happen; you said premiums would go down, not up!  Betty McCollum, you are a liar!  If you lied about this, what else did you lie about?  Or didn't you know, because you had to read the bill to see what is in it?

Now Betty, here is another lie you told.  In the same statement you present another benefit of Healthcare Reform:

"Reducing the deficit by $130 billion over next ten years, and by $1.2 trillion more over the following decade; reining in waste, fraud and abuse, paying for quality over quantity of care."

On May 12th, the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) released this:

"The director of the Congressional Budget Office said Tuesday that the health care reform legislation would cost, over the next ten years, $115 billion more than previously thought, bringing the total cost to more than $1 trillion."

Let me get this straight Betty; you said a savings of $130 billion over 10 years, and the accountants said there would be a cost increase of $115 billion over the same time frame.  Hmm, sounds like another lie Betty!  Should've read the bill!

You also claim how this will benefit Medicare, but the reality is, Dr.'s are leaving Medicare in droves because of the cuts that were made in Medicare payments.  Another lie Betty! Should've read the bill!

But the real kicker to this comes from Senate Majority Leader, Nevada Senator Harry Reid.  On July 21, Senator Reid sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Service Kathleen Sebelius, the Senate Majority Leader complains that ObamaCare’s cuts to Medicare will “result in a net reduction in payment to Nevada’s hospitals when they are unable to absorb such a cut.” Furthermore, he questions the method used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to calculate the payments to hospitals, and is “very concerned about potential effects on beneficiary access if this regulation is finalized without adjustment.”

Betty, if Harry has the same concerns about the effect Obamacare will have on Nevada's hospitals, shouldn't we have the same concerns for Minnesota?  Stand up for us Betty, and repeal healthcare reform!

This video gives a nice synopsis of Obamacare...

Betty McCollum, you lied about insurance premiums going down, budget savings and medicare.  That is all I am going to cover for now, but if you lied about those, what else did you lie about?  Betty, you should've read the bill, but as a well known intellectual lightweight, you should've asked someone to read it to you.

Keep up the work constituents of MNCD4; every bit helps.  From letters to the editor, tweets, facebook, blogs, Collett yard signs, telling your neighbors etc...spread the word on what Betty hasn't done for MNCD4, and if you are new to this blog, read how Betty denies God in Congress, supports Hamas and is anti-Israel.  Or just ask yourself, with the recent revelation of voter fraud in St. Paul, why would Betty McCollum deny voter fraud is a problem, and what has Betty done for MNCD4?  

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