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28 September 2010

MN Rep D Betty McCollum Answers Question Without Answering Question at WBL Debate!

This is from the White Bear Area Chamber of Comm Cand. Forum on 9/21.  Here we have Betty McCollum at it again.  It's obvious they were given the questions in advance, so one would think Betty would be prepared to answer the question...

You can see the hamster spooling up to full power as Betty struggles to start her response.  Betty continues on with DFL rabble-rowser nonsense.  Uhm, sure Betty...tell that to the millions still unemployed, and businesses who see flat revenues as a victory!  Tell that to the businesses that are to nervous to do anything because of the uncertainty of government regulations and taxes.

Betty, you say you talk to businesses?  Sure you do, I read about it in your press releases!  And the ones you talk to (nice businesses, I am familiar with some of them) are getting federal money.  Well, I DO to.  I work with small and mid-size manufacturers and distributors in my real job, and I don't hear the positive spin you are putting on.  I hear how they are nervous, and don't know what is coming next.  I hear how they can't get loans, how they are losing customers because they are going out of business, how they had to let staff go and are concerned about healthcare reform.  It is like you read right from the DFL script.  Gee, why would that be hard to believe?

What was really surprising is, you never answered the question.  "What are you doing in Washington to fix the economy"?

Then China?
What are you talking about?
Clean technologies?

I agree, we need to get to clean technologies...but, that is a ways down the road, and the government can't be subsidizing clean technologies (which the DFL wants to do, but that is another topic).  In the meantime, we need the government to stay out of business, not a cheerleader for more policies on business.  What was the question Betty?

Teresa Collett, then proceeds to slap Betty down...

Betty, I am optimistic about our future too, that is after Nov. 2nd!

Keep up the work constituents of MNCD4; every bit helps.  From letters to the editor, tweets, facebook, blogs, Collett yard signs, telling your neighbors etc...spread the word on what Betty hasn't done for MNCD4, and if you are new to this blog, read how Betty denies God in Congress, supports Hamas and is anti-Israel.  Or just ask yourself, with the recent revelation of voter fraud in St. Paul, why would Betty McCollum deny voter fraud is a problem, and what has Betty done for MNCD4?  

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