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22 October 2010

Post Game Wrap Up of MNCD4 Debate with Teresa Collett and Betty McCollum!!!

This post was written by @StPaulCD4Voter; my comments are at the end.  

I'm writing this about an hour after the League of Women Voters Forum in St. Paul let out tonight. I wanted to get this out on social media before the Pioneer Press (who's reporter I'm certain was sitting next to me) has a chance to frame the narrative about what happened tonight.  I attended the debate, sat in the second row and tried my best to live tweet the events that I saw.  You can follow my tweets on the #mncd4  hashtag.  I'm certain the Collett campaign will have the debate up on their YouTube Channel very soon.

It was great to see a lot of fantastic patriotic people that I've met over social media the last few months. @madvoterinmn @douglasbass and @suejeffersktlk all sat next to me.  We had a great time talking before hand and exchanging notes during the debate.  The great thing was that the audience seemed to be overwhelmingly pro Collett!  This is in St. Paul! The city that hasn't elected a Republican to Congress since WWII!   I fully expected to see busloads of SEIU members shipped in to give Betty a friendly environment.  Either the busses got caught in traffic, or the DFL machine isn't working for Betty anymore.  I'm now more convinced than ever that Teresa Collett can win in MNCD4!  She's a great candidate, she articulates her positions clearly and intelligently and she's on the right side of the issues that matter to MN and the US right now.

It should be clear to anyone that was at the debate why Betty McCollum backed out of a live televised debate on KSTP earlier in the campaign.  She does not debate well, she has trouble speaking without prepared notes (which she can't even read clearly), and when she does have to speak off the cuff she is prone to saying dumb things.  She said some doozies tonight, to which the crowd responded negatively, with gasps, if not outright laughter.  Clearly she couldn't take the risk of having such a performance televised.  What Betty McCollum doesn't realize is that with new media, that message will get through despite her best efforts. Follow @madvoterinmn and myself at @stpaulcd4voter on Twitter and go to for more information on Betty McCollum. 

I thought it was comical that the League of Women Voters actually called themselves a non partisan organization. This is despite the fact that the MN Voters Alliance has filed an IRS complaint against the League due to the fact that they are also a lobbying organization. 

The opening statement Betty read from her note cards was full of the typical DFL platitudes. I heard a lot of "keep moving forward" and "not going back to the failed policies of the past" but very little substance of what she actually stood for.  She clearly was not prepared to defend her votes on health care, the stimulus, running up the debt or the bailouts to the auto industry.

On the other hand, Teresa Collett, spoke without notes about her life as a mother, a business owner, a successful lawyer, professor and recent grandmother.  She said she decided to run for Congress because she's concerned about the country that her newborn granddaughter would one day inherit.  She spoke clearly, confidently and sounded polished.  She's a great speaker.  To anyone from outside MNCD4 that happened to stumble into the Wilder Auditorium, they would have thought Teresa was the incumbant.

The first question of the night was about the recent Don't Ask, Don't Tell judicial ruling issuing an injunction telling the military to quit enforcing the policy.  McCollum said that she "has voted to repeal the ban...and would do so again."  Collett said that "She trusts the opinion of the professional leadership of the military on this issue.  They should make the decision, not judges." As an Army veteran, who still is concerned about our country's ability to effectively defend itself, I know thisto be the right answer.  The role of the military is to "kill people and break things" -- it's not a social laboratory, and the leadership's opinion on readiness should be valued, not dismissed by politicians with no military experience such as Rep. McCollum.

The second question was on health care, specifically "Can you discuss the benefits of the health care legislation?"  Teresa Collett said firmly the "health care bill is a disaster and that she would vote to repeal it." When she said this the crowd roared in approval, much to the chagrin of Betty McCollum and the LWV moderator, who reminded the crowd to hold their applause. 

McCollum went back to the same stale Democratic talking points; "I'm proud of my vote for health care!" she said.  She tried to argue that the health care bill was going to save money and make health care more affordable. She also said that "health care reform is not a government takeover..."  This drew outright laughter from the audience.  The Independence Party Candidate, who is clearly not ready for prime time, tried to say that Teresa Collett was not in favor of an immediate repeal.  Collett answered him by saying "When we have a 2/3 majority in both the House and Senate, we will override a Presidential veto and repeal the bill.." She commented that wth the political winds across the country its looking more likely that that could happen.

When questioned about what can be done about the federal debt, McCollum made the most laughable answer of the night.  It was all talking points and no substance.  She said "all options need to be on the table" four times in one two minute answer but didn't say anything that specifically answered the question.

Collett on the other hand pointed out that Betty McCollum sits on the House Budget committees, and that committee didn't even submit a budget this year.  "If you can't even submit a budget, how can you balance a budget?" She asked. Collett said she supports the Pence Ammendment limiting federal spending to 20% of GDP, and that in order to restore fiscal sanity we have to look at entitlement spending.  McCollum, speaking off the cuff, made a bizzarre comment that "the budget that committee submits is non binding, it doesn't mean anything."  This seems to reflect the current thinking of the Democratic Party.

On the question about what will it take to get the economy moving again, Collett said that "the first order of business in the new Congress in January has to be extending the tax cuts to everyone." She said the problem with the current Congress is that very few of the members have any business experience at all, and that they don't know how jobs get created.  Betty McCollum clearly was in this group, because she argued that while she's for "middle class tax cuts" (which is code for tax credits to people who don't pay taxes), we can't afford a tax cut for the top 3% of earners.  Collett countered that the top 3% include small business owners whose business income as S Corporations are passed onto their personal income tax statements.  Massive tax increases on business owners will hurt, not stimulate job creation. 

The stupidest comment of the night came on the defense question, when Betty McCollum said: "Al Qaeda no longer poses a threat to the United States.." Wow, I've been so involved in following the campaign, I must have missed that news!  She also said that there are "less than 100 Al Qaeda left in Afghanistan..."  McCollum did say, however that the military was drawing up contingency plans for global warming.  That's a relief!  I guess in Betty McCollum's world Global Warming is a bigger threat to the US than Al Qaeda.

There was a question about which founding father you admired the most.  Teresa Collett answered that James Madison was her favorite, because he believed in limited government and that he wrote the Constituion.  Betty McCollum gave some lame answer about Ben Franklin because he was such a renaissance man, free thinker, etc...I guess Betty forgot that Ben Franklin was also a big proponent for term limits!

At the end of the debate, and during closing statments, Betty McCollum basically repeated her opening statement.  The main reason she could come up with for voting for her was that she was born in South St Paul, was raised in North St Paul and lives in St. Paul now. She also tried to call for civility in discourse and that we shouldn't use hate speech.  I was left wondering, "what hate speech?"  This reminded me of her comments earlier this year comparing Michelle Bachmann and the Tea Party to Tim McVeigh. Simply insulting Betty!  People who disagree with you aren't terrorists, and differing opinion is not hate speech.

Teresa Collett on the other hand, summarized her candidacy by saying "I'm for freedom and fiscal sanity!"  She said that accumulating debt is morally irresponsible and that if elected she would work to bring sanity back to government.  Her closing statement drew thunderous applause from the audience, and contrary to what the Pioneer Press will say tomorrow morning -- the applause was for Teresa, not ALL of the candidates!

I left energized and motivated that contrary to what the media will report, there is a race in MNCD4.  There has been no polling in this district, but the same dynamics that are putting Jim Oberstar in trouble in Duluth can also swamp Betty McCollum in St. Paul.  We have to stay motivated, talk to your neighbors and make sure everyone gets out and votes for Teresa Collett.  My recent post Electoral Math How Teresa Collett can Beat Betty outlines how the math can break in our favor!

This can be an historic election, and I hope that St. Paul voters can come out and make our state proud for a change.  I'm tired of being a laughingstock for the rest of the US...


Thank you for the outstanding recap of this debate @StPaulCD4Voter!  I just need to add a few of my notes, which I can't do in the comment section because I can't put HTML in the comments.

St. Paul, for 5 decades you have been ruled by the DFL, this is the year the pendulum swings to the other side!  The room at the Wilder Foundation holds 285 people; there was at least that many there, as people were standing along the walls around the entire room!  This morning news came out that SEIU would be sending people to the event.  Yes, there were a few SEIU folks there; they stuck out in their dress and mannerisms. The significant portion of the crowd was either professionals or retired.

The format for this debate was questions from the audience.  We had to write our questions down, and turn them in.  The LWV then filtered the questions.  As the questions were asked, they appeared to be written from a liberal perspective.  I know that none of the questions asked of the candidates were submitted by people I know.

As @StPaulCD4Voter pointed out, Betty was laughed at a number of times for her comments; what is equally important, Teresa Collett was never laughed at.  When Teresa spoke, the audience was riveted to her answers, and often erupted in loud cheers.

I was pretty disappointed in Betty McCollum's ability to address a crowd.  She literally read her statements, and when she would take her eyes off her paper to look at the audience, she would get off track and lose her focus.  For someone who has been in Congress for 10 years, I expected more.  One would think the DFL would've recognized this a long time ago, and sent her to Toastmasters...

Many of Betty's gaffe's are noted above, but a couple notables to address. When asked about reducing the deficit, Betty said all options are on the table.  Uhm, Betty hasn't met a spending bill she hasn't liked. When budget cutting ideas are presented, Betty votes against them.  For example, Youcut has been introduced a number of times, and Betty has voted against it every time.  Each one would save billions over 10 years.  Also, H.R. 4720, the Taking Responsibility for Congressional Pay Act, which would give Congress a 5% paycut (starting salary for Congress is $179,000).  This is still stuck in committee.  So it is hard to take Betty at face value when she says "All options are on the table".  Betty was laughed at loudly for her response.

Other laughs from the audience (mind you, there were around 285 people there, and every time, a significant portion of the room laughed...

  • When Betty said President Bush signed a law last week, people got a good laugh out of that!
  • Al Qaeda isn't a threat!
  • Freddie and Fannie aren't part of the government (technically not, but we are bailing them out)
  • It was also pretty funny to hear Betty explain she admired Benjamin Franklin because he had original thought.  Betty hasn't had an original thought since Nancy Pelosi told her to have one!
Watch the debates on TV when they are televised, there are more...

As noted by @StPaulCD4Voter, I too am flummoxed by Betty saying there is hate speech.  I am not sure what she is referring to, but I know Betty and liberals don't like it when you disagree with them.  In fact, Betty defriended me on Facebook because I asked questions on her Facebook page.  Read my post on it here.

If you were at the debate, you would've seen Betty often looked confused, frustrated, mad and stumbled over her words without answering the questions.  This was in diametric opposition to Teresa Collett, who commanded the room; she was articulate, informed and spoke to a point with passion.  That is leadership!

The best was at the end of the debate.  We went up to tell Teresa Collett she did a great job, but there were people already queued up, so we waited.  I thought it was a line going to Betty and Teresa, until I realized...the long line was to get to Teresa!!!  Betty had only a few people standing around her!!!  We waited 10 minutes to get to Teresa, and by that time, Betty had left the building!  Bye, Bye Betty!!!

MNCD4, smile tomorrow, the pendulum is swinging in a different direction!  The enthusiasm for Teresa Collett tonight was overwhelming, and the disdain towards Betty McCollum was evident!  We see this happening in other parts of the country; incumbents being taken down by newcomers.  It is happening  in the 8th, where Chip Craavack is neck and neck with 36 year incumbent Jim Oberstar MNCD4, it's happening in our district too.  There is enthusiasm, and Teresa Collett is an awesome, and well qualified candidate (Law professor and small business owner).   

...and finally, for the last couple weekends, I have been going out searching for Teresa Collett and Vote Betty signs in Inver Grove Heights, S. and W. St. Paul, White Bear Lake and St. Paul.  I see a roughly 10:1 ratio of Teresa signs vs. Betty signs!

I almost felt sorry for Betty, till I realized Nancy Pelosi can comfort her.

Keep up the work constituents of MNCD4; every bit helps.  From letters to the editor, tweets, facebook, blogs, Collett yard signs, telling your neighbors etc...spread the word on what Betty hasn't done for MNCD4.  

If you are new to this blog, read how Betty McCollum denies God in Congress, supports the terrorist group Hamas and is anti-Israel.  Or just ask yourself, with the recent revelation of voter fraud in St. Paul, why would Betty McCollum deny voter fraud is a problem?  But more importantly, what has Betty done for MNCD4

Remember, if you see me, please honk!  Except for you lady; yes, you, in the black Audi A8.  While I was getting in my vehicle after the debate, you glared at me.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful commentary on the debate! You guys are great! Let Audi-Lady glare away. Crossposted at!

  2. You may have noticed a couple comments are deleted. I have never deleted a comment, or intend to censor comments, unlike Betty McCollum does on FB (see my blog post around 21 July). Go ahead, disagree with me, these are my observations and opinions. Maybe I am wrong, and can learn something.

    The comments I deleted were vague accusations about incidents at the debate. I was at this debate, and know many people that were. I asked several others that were in attendance if they could corroborate what was written; they couldn't, so I deleted the comments.

    Just wanted to clarify, in case anyone was wondering.

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  4. Thanks for informing me of the origin of the video i posted on my site. I receive many things via email, and usually never find out who is the originator.

    In this case it was posted by a guest writer named Tom Hawks. I did amend his article to reflect the origin and gave a link to your site.

    Thanks again and God Bless. Here is the track back link for you to see.

    Video of Democrat Omitting, "Under God", While Leading the Pledge of Allegiance on the House Floor

    Chuck Wolk (Moderator of Gate)