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06 October 2010

The Other Video MN Rep D Betty McCollum Doesn't Want You to See!!!

The new ad MN GOP is running for Teresa Collett to unseat Nancy Pelosi's yes girl, Betty McCollum...

Remember in November...lets drain the swamp!

Keep up the work constituents of MNCD4; every bit helps.  From letters to the editor, tweets, facebook, blogs, Collett yard signs, telling your neighbors etc...spread the word on what Betty hasn't done for MNCD4.  

If you are new to this blog, read how Betty McCollum denies God in Congresssupports the terrorist group Hamas and is anti-Israel.  Or just ask yourself, with the recent revelation of voter fraud in St. Paul, why would Betty McCollum deny voter fraud is a problem?  But more importantly, what has Betty done for MNCD4

Remember, if you see me, please honk!


  1. That ad should really be sharper. It sounds more like an ad for a circus. McCollum should be voted out, but that ad could and should be more aggressive. They won't get rid of her with that.

  2. That ad looks like it was made by a junior high production department. And judging by that, I'm guessing the RNC isn't helping pay for Teresa Collett's attempt to oust McCollumn, which means they don't find this to be a competitive district, which means why bother?