Betty McCollum needs to be voted out!!!

If any of this makes you mad, please leave a comment, and let Betty McCollum know how you feel!

15 June 2010 - Bailing Out Politicians Now?

Are you kidding me?  We are bailing out police, firefighter and teachers?  God bless them; I love them, and they do a hard job, but in this economy, why are there jobs any more sacred than anothers.  Where were the bailouts for my companies (I was laid off twice in 9 months)?  What about the plumbers, electricians, stockbrokers, realtors, mechanics, restaurant servers etc...

I don't want to see anyone laid off, but I don't think we should be picking and choosing who is to receive bailouts.  Enough is enough.  I am sure this is another spending bill Betty McCollum will sign on to because the president brought it forward.  If Betty does vote no, I will be the first to apologize for an assumption, and will write her a note thanking her for standing up.

This is just another ploy by this administration to garner favor come November from potential voters.

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